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Shavington Academy Interview Conference

On Wednesday 30 th March 2022 Shavington Academy held an Interview Conference for their Year 10 students. The purpose was to build confidence and give them experience in interview preparation and then being interviewed for jobs.

Three members of Wych-Malbank Rotary Club, who have wide ranging experience in business and the interview process participated in the event as interviewers (Frances Burman-Mueller, Jeff Tucker and Nigel Keegan).

They were incredibly impressed by the standard of the students, each interviewing around eight candidates. In general, they were well prepared, well presented and, although a little nervous at first, came across as confident and a joy to interview.

Often nowadays, teenagers get a bad press. The media likes to focus on negative aspects and bunch them all in to one, less than favourable group. During the course of the day our members were delighted to find that this stereotype couldn’t have been further from the truth. All of the students interviewed were intelligent and engaging and certainly did themselves, their teachers and Shavington Academy proud.

The event was well organised and our members made to feel most welcome. We are now looking forward to the next Interview Conference!

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