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Raise funds for your organisation by joining our Community Raffle

Following on from our highly successful Community Raffle project last year, the local Nantwich Rotary Clubs would like to offer local charities and community organisations the opportunity to become involved this year.

The Community Raffle allows the organisation to sell raffle tickets personalised with their name and logo (printed by us) to their members, friends and relations to raise money for their particular cause. The big incentive is that the winning ticket wins a guaranteed £1,000, and in fact, last year was so successful that we were able to pay out an additional £750 in prizes!

The scheme is simple – the organisation agrees to join, we provide their tickets and help promote, the organisation sells tickets for £2 and send us 20% of the sales, keeping 80% for themselves. The 20% we take covers our costs – we don’t make a profit - any excess money is given away as additional prizes.

This year’s Prize Draw will be on 11th November 2022.

Last year 11 local community organisations participated generating over £8,000 for their causes!

If your organisation would like to be involved this year, or you would like further details, please email Neil Ridgway at

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