Meet Our Members

Anyone can join Rotary, you don't need to wait for an invitation or need to be self-employed or have magical powers... You just need to have a cheery, positive attitude and want to make a difference in your community.

We meet every Wednesday at Richmond Village (three mornings and one evening per month). It is not compulsory to attend every week and membership is just £12.50 a month with an additional donation of £1 for refreshments which are sponsored by Richmond Village so the weekly money raised goes to our charity pot.

Sarah Allcock
Pam Allen
Wendy Beasell
Tim Bowker
Emma Crowe
Paul Edwards
Ben Grant
Gill Jeffries
Lynne Griffin
Joanne Grubb
Clare Hoy
Nicola Jackson
Paul Jackson
Nigel Keegan
Judy Kendrick
Jo Lowry
Tim Marsden
Liz Parkin
John Poulson
Sue Pritchard
Coral Russell
Roy Senior
John Sims
Andrew Spiers
Aris Tsinias
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